Good Grains is the wholesome cereal fundraiser that ships directly to your supporters' homes. Plus, you earn on every box for life!

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Polar Puffs

Golden O's

Hi Lo Vanilla Almond

Fruity Sea Stars

Almond Granola

Something Everyone Will Love

Lil' Sweeties

Chocolate Comet Crispies

7 Grain Granola

Hi Lo Maple Pecan

Hi Lo Strawberry


Made Healthy

Our Love Grown Cereals are also:



All Good Grains Cereals:


The Healthy Fundraiser

We know you're busy, so we've made it easy & we're here to help.

Our cereals (and soon snacks) are a wholesome new way to fundraise.

Good Grains Fundraiser

Your group earns $1/bag upfront and for the life of reorders.

FREE Shipping

More Rewarding

It's Simple to Run

We make your life easier by shipping directly to supporters.

Our Heart Is Behind Our Mission

To bring health and happiness to our communities and beyond.

We give $1 of every box to your group + we give to causes around the world.

Built from Solid Roots in Sunny So Cal

San Dimas, California

Organic Milling

Our cereals are produced in-house, in San Dimas, California, by our founding partner, Organic Milling, who has pioneered cereals for brands you love for over 50 years.

Earn One Time

High Prices &/or Donation Only

Priced Competitively, Great Value

Normal Fundraisers

Simpler to Run

Good Grains

Shipped Directly to Homes

Tons of Work

Earn Monthly for the Life of Orders

Healthy Cereals

Labor & Time to Plan/Distribute

More Rewarding

Solid Earnings for the Event Only

Sweets, Products, Fun Runs

  • Earn much more than 40% over time
  • Earn 10x box tops with less effort
  • Offer a consumable people need & want
  • Prices are competitive w/ in-store
  • FREE direct shipping is so much easier
  • Reorders promoted in every shipment
  • Your group earns for life with no extra work
  • Healthy and good for our families

We're Different in a Very Good Way

Much More Than a Margin

How Much Can Your Group Earn?

Most fundraisers offer a 40% to 60% margin, which is great, but we offer much more than just a great margin...

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